Sunday, October 18, 2009

Time passes by way too quickly!

Oh, my God! August and September just flew by! I,ve harldy been scrapping at all lately, school eats away all my time. But, actually that's ok since I'm studying arts and crafts this year;)

I made this LO some time ago, it's a photo of the man in my life taken not long after we found each other. I love the expression on his face on it, it represents a lot of what I appreciate in him as a person. The LO is made of a round paper from My little shoebox, a bit of those lovely Prima flower stems and some leafs that has been suffering from dust for a couple of years. Right now the LO is placed on our fire place shelf - and there I intend to keep it for a while.

....take care, I have to dive into some drawing for my next arts and crafts exam;)

3 Creative Comments:

Torill said...

Knallfine farger du har brukt her! Godt å se at her er liv:0)
Ha en strålende dag videre!

Vigdis said...

Utrolig flott. Fantastiske farger!!!! Klem!

Unknown said...

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