Wednesday, January 28, 2009

In the darkest hour.....

In the wintertime we don't have too much light here in Norway, so why not decorate some candles? Ok, these candles may not be that suitable to light up, but at least they make a great decoration - or gift. They are quite easy to make; just buy some candles and use a little bit of this and that - whatever you please! It doesn't take that much time either.

This old fashioned candy jar was actually a jar that I was supposed to put money in, but since I never got any further than leaving a couple of lonely coins to get bored on the bottom I thought that this jar could get a better life as a light jar. At least you can see that it has a purpose now *lol*

This jar is quite big, more than 30 cm. tall, so you can put several small candles in it or just one big. I've been playing a bit with alcohol ink that has been running down the glass, finding its own way. The bling swirls make a wonderful reflection when the candle is lit in a dark room - actually very romantic....

The jar is also a result of a dare in the Papir i hjertet designteam

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Incredible blue eyes.....

The period before christmas - during christmas - and after christmas - just wasn't the most productive time I've had. Almost a month since my last blog update, so: HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all! (blushing)

Ok, let's face it: Not all of us are happy with the way our bodies look - me neither. But: I'm actually very happy with one thing: mye eyes! I bet Victoria Beckham would pour out some bucks to get her hands on them. *ouch* The last challenge on the Papir i Hjertet designteam was about something we didn't quite like about our bodies, so naturally we had to follow up with the opposite!

Some Photoshop playtime, some well used (but expired) creditcards, a little bit of this and that: Voilà! A playful LO about my incredible blue eyes! I honestly think they are my best feature. (Let me know if you don't agree - I'm more than happy to hear a lot of nice things about the rest of me)

Anyone else up for a positive challenge? Show me your best features!