Monday, May 11, 2009

My cute little chocolate monster

Last year in may I sat there like a whale on land waiting for the arrival of this little guy. I can't believe that it has been almost a year since his birth! He has gone from being a little baby that was only eating, sleeping and crying to a wild. little toddler that climbs the sofa, says "Mamma", argues with his brother, throws toys around and moved like a twirl around the house - he has even set his eyes on the stairs. Where did the time go? I guess the time flew by while I was way too busy combining my life as a mother and full time student. I bet he'll grow a beard before I know it...

I love this picture - it truly show his character. (and his oversized teeth - lol) I'm looking SO forward 'till I'm able to scrap this photo! That's pretty much how it is at the time - plenty of photos, but no time for scrapping. Oh, my creative soul is hurting........ But just wait: After my exams and the process of moving back home to the north I'll be back in business! But for now......I have to dive into my books again - exam coming up tomorow.