Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hurry up! Great blogcandy in Linda's blog!

Wonderful blogcandy in Linda Salte's blog!
Hurry up!
You have 'till december 4th. to join in. Read all about it in her blog ;)

If you for some reason don't want to join in on the blogcandy, you should take a look in her blog anyway. Linda is a fellow designteam member and a great source of inspiration to me and many others. Don't miss out on either chances;)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

3 siblings - "The brick flick"

I can't actually call this a LO, can I?
This is my contribution to the final in LSS where the task was to use and repeat the number 3 on everything exept from the title. Well, I've got 3 kids, so I decided to give them a brick each. (Huh? What hole in the driveway???) The idea behind using the bricks is that you can bulid just about whatever you want with them. So, these photos can be arranged in several ways - they can even make it quite all right as singles.

The bricks are also quite symbolic - you can build a monument with them, and my kids'll always have something built together just by being siblings. No matter how their lives'll turn out, they can rely on each other. (Ok, I may look though, but I'm really soft when it comes to my kids.)

It was not that easy to take an acceptable photo of these bricks. First of all, I've got no professional equipment (just wait 'till I grow up!). I've used some pearl white paint on the bricks and it gave a terrible reflection not matter what I tried. I finished the bricks so close to the deadline of the finals, so there was no daylight left for photographing. Ok, enough excuses - they turned out quite ok after all. So, now I just have to wait and see what the jury'll say. But, after seeing the other contributions in the finals, I've got doubts..... Oh, what the heck! I had FUN doing this one - it made me think alternatively, and that is what I love the most when I scrap!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Little baby bird

This LO actually started as a scraplift of one of Linda Salte's LO`s, but I never got to finish it while I still had it in sight, so when I sat scrapping alone it got some more personal twists. Linda's LO were made from a round, die cut scallop paper; I didn't have that, so I decided to make my own. I didn't care to make it very accurate or symmetric, I just found a black pen and drew it freehanded on some smooth bazzill carton. This is where my "Glove Pelsie style" came to life. *lol*

The LO is about my little boy being just so little - a little bird that still has a long way to go before he'll leave the nest. I wanted to show how innocent and tender he is. I also drew the green bird by hand; inspired by a stamp I orginally wanted to use, but I thought it was too small for the LO.

You may find a list of materials in the november gallery at Papir i Hjertet.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Creative Chaos by Hjertelaget

I just love scrapping together with my designteam! No wonder - the team is a wonderful mix of crazyness, humour, creativity, heart warmth and bubbly laughter. This past weekend we met - for the very last time in the store of Papir i hjertet. Our next meeting will be in the new, bigger and improved house in Skien. It was kind of nostalgic to me - the last time in the place where papir i Hjertet was born. Well, it's just not enought space as it is today - just take a look:

The weekend was just plain wonderful.... It contained a wide range of things: Gypsy music concert, karaoke, chinese food, wine, scrapping and a whole lot of talking and laughing. Starting a layout I didn't have the round, die cut paper I wanted, so I decided to make it! By that my alter ego came to life: "Glove Pelsie!" Well - in a strange mix of norwegian and english that means something like "furry gloves" - which will be my logo when I copycat Love Elsie the best I can. *LOL* The LO I'm talking about you'll find in the Papir i Hjertet November gallery - take a look at it and see if you think I'm a real "Glove Pelsie!"

Change of nickname - please update

I've decided to loose that birdy kind of nickname that has followed me for many years around the internet. Good bye "Hønemor", hello "Tigerlily!"

Some of you have linked to my blog in your blog, so I'd really appreciate it if you could update the name - if needed. I guess that those who follow by blog has to sign up again to get the correct name of my blog on their follower-list.

Thank you for doing that! I promise: No more changes in a while......I think. *giggle*

Monday, November 10, 2008

Something to concider?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Onesie recycling

Another weekend with social scrapping! Also featuring: gypsie music, karaoke, wine,different types of "dots", a lot of laughter and heart sprinkled cake - that's another story better not shared outside the Papir i hjertet designteam ;) *LOL*

Well, I actually had planned to scrap A LOT (as usual) but AS USUAL the hours seemed to contain jetfuel and went away in a supernatural speed. During this weekend I found my alter ego - that is to be revealed a bit later;) *giggle*

This onesie is the result of the 4th round of LSS. We're now just 8 contestants remaining, so it'll be exciting to see who actually will be the Last Scrapper Standing. This time we were supposed to (ab)use fabric. I wanted to scrap ON fabric instead of using fabric on a LO, so I found one of Jarle's onesies that doesn't fit anymore. It was hard to get a photo that really shows the intention and idea behind this work - the circle down to the right is actually a mirror. The title means "How big I am now:". The picture shows Jarle at 3 months, and he's supposed to look in the mirror as he gets older - always able to see how big he is right now; comparing his look at 3 months.

I've dyed the onsie with different types of ink: Luminarte Shimmering Mist, Distress Ink and Posh Rainbow Dye Ink. You'll also see some hand stitched fabric behind the photo along with some lace and fabric flowers. I added some tulle to the hand made hanger to create some kind of nostalgic look.

So: why scrap on plain paper when there are so many possibilities? My head is spinning with ideas - and a hunger for time to put them to life.....

Monday, November 3, 2008

Just plain eatable!

I guess that most of us who have kids (or just love kids) have had that feeling of "wanting to hug them so hard that they'll crush?" Or have been kissing them so much that you have the feeling of eating them? Well, apart from these being quite horrifying images it's very true - or what?

This LO I made this past weekend at the gathering at Papir i hjertet. I wasn't able to spend as many hours there as I wanted, but oh...it was truly a good injection of scrapping vitamins! It has been way too long since I scrapped together with others! (But next weekend is designers weekend, so "husband" and kids will have to do on their own...) It was very clear to me that it was a long time since I've packed the XXL tote - I filled it - and two big boxes that I had to balance on top of it. Me afraid of leaving anything behind??? You should never underestimate the power of multiple choices when scrapping! OK, perhaps I forgot that I was going to scrap at a store....that has just about everything I need.

On this LO I've been playing a bit with alcohol ink and Black magic carton. Ok: that was just to hide the fact that the photo is not exactly my best shot. WTF - who says a photo has to be studio perfect? I actually love it just the way it is!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

7 truths about myself:

Du you dare to reveal 7 truths about yourself?

Anne Karin dared me, so I guess I'll just have to dig up some more or less juicy stuff. *LOL*

1: I just HATE doing laundry
2: I think men are more sexy wearing boxers than being naked
3: Purple is my favourite color - battling black...
4: I once was a choir girl for Jahn Teigen
5: I stole Dance With a Strangers drumsticks after a concert
6: I'm terrified when it comes to maggots *YACK*
7: I think Sean Connery is sexy!

....perhaps this could be material for a strange LO about myself?

I also want to dare some other people so reveal some truths about themselves, and here is how it works:

- Link to the person who dared you, tell 7 truths about yourself, dare 7 people and leave a message that they've been dared. You got no choice!

Here is who I dare:

1: Linda Salte
2: Ania
3: Nabon
4: KristinL
5: Calv
6: Shabby Chic Silvia
7: Vigdis