Monday, November 3, 2008

Just plain eatable!

I guess that most of us who have kids (or just love kids) have had that feeling of "wanting to hug them so hard that they'll crush?" Or have been kissing them so much that you have the feeling of eating them? Well, apart from these being quite horrifying images it's very true - or what?

This LO I made this past weekend at the gathering at Papir i hjertet. I wasn't able to spend as many hours there as I wanted, but oh...it was truly a good injection of scrapping vitamins! It has been way too long since I scrapped together with others! (But next weekend is designers weekend, so "husband" and kids will have to do on their own...) It was very clear to me that it was a long time since I've packed the XXL tote - I filled it - and two big boxes that I had to balance on top of it. Me afraid of leaving anything behind??? You should never underestimate the power of multiple choices when scrapping! OK, perhaps I forgot that I was going to scrap at a store....that has just about everything I need.

On this LO I've been playing a bit with alcohol ink and Black magic carton. Ok: that was just to hide the fact that the photo is not exactly my best shot. WTF - who says a photo has to be studio perfect? I actually love it just the way it is!

5 Creative Comments:

Calv said...

Trine it looks perfect! I love that background, has inspired me to get off my butt and go try inks on some different textures apart from fruit! :)

I know what you mean about kids lol, mine are 10 and 11 and i still do that when they wake up in the morning with hair everywhere and thier little faces scrunched up lol.

Salte said...

Herlig layout Trine. Jeg satt og studerte den opp og ned i mente i helgen, og bare konstanterer at kreativiteten din går meg en høy gang. Takk for all inspirasjon!!!

Gleder meg til helgen :))

Linn said...

så flott denne LOen var! :)

Sally said...

Just found your blog - it is stunning!!

Love your work, you have a great style, love the mix of textures and that you never throw anything away - I know how that is!! Great layouts and altered art work, love it all.

Sally x

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