Sunday, November 2, 2008

7 truths about myself:

Du you dare to reveal 7 truths about yourself?

Anne Karin dared me, so I guess I'll just have to dig up some more or less juicy stuff. *LOL*

1: I just HATE doing laundry
2: I think men are more sexy wearing boxers than being naked
3: Purple is my favourite color - battling black...
4: I once was a choir girl for Jahn Teigen
5: I stole Dance With a Strangers drumsticks after a concert
6: I'm terrified when it comes to maggots *YACK*
7: I think Sean Connery is sexy!

....perhaps this could be material for a strange LO about myself?

I also want to dare some other people so reveal some truths about themselves, and here is how it works:

- Link to the person who dared you, tell 7 truths about yourself, dare 7 people and leave a message that they've been dared. You got no choice!

Here is who I dare:

1: Linda Salte
2: Ania
3: Nabon
4: KristinL
5: Calv
6: Shabby Chic Silvia
7: Vigdis

4 Creative Comments:

Calv said...

Lol now is that wise asking me ti reveal truths about myself...half of them you wouldn't believe if i told you lol! :)

Thanks for the dare Trine, i'll have a go later tonight. :)

ania said...

Gotcha! Skal huske på den til neste innlegg :D Definitivt LO-materiale! :P

Salte said...

Heeey, se her - jeg har jo svart på disse før jeg :) hehe

Salte said...

Her er 7 hemmeligheter om meg *ler*