Friday, October 31, 2008

One of my favourite LO's - will you show me yours?

Today I went to Papir i hjertet to pick up my albums that has been at inspirational display in the shop. The albums have been there for more than a year and a half, so it's actually a long time since I've been looking through them my self. The albums contains all my work since I started scrapbooking about 3 years ago, so they are certainly showing me developing and learning. Some of the LO's are just plain embarrasing to look at today *LOL* Well, they have a certain charm anyway.

This LO "The spaghetti boy" is one of the first ones I ever made, and it's not that brilliant when it comes to technique and style, but for some reason it has found a special place in my heart - for some reason I don't quite understand. It's very simple and it contains my very first use og rub-ons and die cut letters.

I hope that some of you that pop in to see my blog will show me some of your LO's that for some reason has hit your heartstring in a mysterious way.

Hugs for the weekend!

3 Creative Comments:

Hege said...

:) Det ER morsomt å bla gjennom gamle LOer. Noen vil en helst ha scrappet om, mens andre er man blitt veldig glad i. Jeg synes du viser ditt talent og din kreativitet i den LOen allerede. Jeg skjønner hvorfor du liker den så godt; ikke minst er bildet ganske så skjønt;-)

Ha en fin helg!


Anne Karin said...

Wooow! Denne var knallfin!! Har en utfording til deg med det samme! 7 sannheter om deg selv!

maddy hill said...

Love the layout !
I will have to take a new pic of my favourite - it was proberly the second one i ever did and it contained piccys of my hair growing back , after chemo - sounds sad - but it wasnt , it was a real getting back to me job lol