Friday, October 31, 2008

One of my favourite LO's - will you show me yours?

Today I went to Papir i hjertet to pick up my albums that has been at inspirational display in the shop. The albums have been there for more than a year and a half, so it's actually a long time since I've been looking through them my self. The albums contains all my work since I started scrapbooking about 3 years ago, so they are certainly showing me developing and learning. Some of the LO's are just plain embarrasing to look at today *LOL* Well, they have a certain charm anyway.

This LO "The spaghetti boy" is one of the first ones I ever made, and it's not that brilliant when it comes to technique and style, but for some reason it has found a special place in my heart - for some reason I don't quite understand. It's very simple and it contains my very first use og rub-ons and die cut letters.

I hope that some of you that pop in to see my blog will show me some of your LO's that for some reason has hit your heartstring in a mysterious way.

Hugs for the weekend!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Changing language

OK - to those of you who know and use english a lot: Please don`t laugh at my critically rusty english....

I have decided to change my blog from being in pure norwegian to a much more versatile language. I may not translate all my older posts - my goodness, I certainly have many other creative things I want to spend my time doing! However, if anybody has anything they would like to know about the older posts that are not translated: Please just ask;)

I hope my blog will seem more user friendly after this change of language. I also hope that it will improve my english over time. If there are any strickt english teachers out there who wants to pull their hair of due to bad language and terrible grammar: You may send me some helpful hints and use the big, red pen on my reportcard;)

A little "kitchen chemistry" is fun!

This picture of my little brother has been awaiting inspiration for some time - and the true inspiration didn`t hit me until round 3 of LSS on "Minneriket." We were supposed to find and make our own colors from whatever we could find in drawers and other strange places in the house. So, this LO is inspired by the term "self made" - it`s about making your life your own.

There`s lot of symbolism on this LO: Time in a small bag, time as watch parts, aqua vita, the keys to life, an adult man lurking in the background, love and broken hearts, blossoming, free as a bird, network, holding on to....many aspects regarding my little brother`s confirmation and his doorway to adulthood.

Enough about that - what about the colors?

-The brown lace i dyed in coffee - I did it two times; the second time I only did he tips of one part of the lace.
-The fiber paper in the background is dyed with dye meant for cake icing.
-The icecream popstick and "math card" is painted with water based furniture milling.
-The circle back and to the right I may say is a part of myself - it`s dyed with the very same color I hide my grey hair with *lol*
-The hearts have their color from a mix of coal from our fireplace, water and gum arabic - fixated to not smear the whole thing.
-The little retro flowers are dyed with a mix of tea bags and red peppers.
-The little plastic bag containing the watch face has its color from rusty, old nails.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Guess who's the chief of agenda in this house?
That's Jarle all right....Oh, it can certainly be wearing with these little ones who eats away all your energy by nagging, eating, sleeping, crying, cuddling, playing and SMILING! It's a real turning point the day a baby starts smiling, but to me it's an even greater turning point the day they start to LAUGH! Can you think of anything more heartwarming than babylaughter?

I can take a lot of sleepless nights and tiresome days for just a few moments of bubbly laughter. In those moments this little man is my beautiful, little angel. (But yes: I do picture him with devilish horns sometimes too....*lol*)
Jarle is beginning to become a big boy now - well, if a baby at 4,5 months ever can be considered big.He rolls over on the floor, he grasps and holds his toys, he "imitates a banana" trying to squiggle himself forwards and backwards on the floor. I guess I just have to face it: The definitive baby periode has very little sand left in the top part of the hourglas...

This LO is made for the octobergallery at Papir i hjertet and if you want to know more about the products I've used, you may take a closer look in there;)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Litt selvinnsikt?

Jada - man er vel neppe bare det ene eller det andre som menneske. Mon tro hvordan denne ville sett ut om familien min skulle ha lagt til adjektivene? *hehe*

Denne LO`en ble laget til første runde i LSS, og jeg har kost meg masse med litt gammelt stæsj og det sykt kule papiret fra Studio2Mers. I følge LSS-oppgaven skulle man bruke bilde i passfotostørrelse - og hvem sier man ikke kan bruke mange små for å lage et større et? Du kan finne full oversikt over hva jeg har brukt i oktobergalleriet til Papir i hjertet ;)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Rainer 1 år i 2005

Dette lerretet scrappet jeg til runde 2 i LSS (Last Scrapper Standing) på Minneriket.
Jeg har kort sagt rippet hull i lerretet og scrappet inni selve rammen - litt gøy å ikke bare holde seg til 2D men å få til litt 3D-effekt på et bilde.

Bildet er av Rainer som her var ett år i 2005. Det er rart å se på dette bildet nå når jeg sammenlikner med den "store" fireåringen vi har i hus nå. Han ble liksom ekstra stor når minstemann kom til familien i juni. Jeg tenkte å lage slike lerreter av alle ungene - det er desverre ikke så ofte bildene jeg scrapper av dem havner på veggen, det blir som oftest i album.