Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A little "kitchen chemistry" is fun!

This picture of my little brother has been awaiting inspiration for some time - and the true inspiration didn`t hit me until round 3 of LSS on "Minneriket." We were supposed to find and make our own colors from whatever we could find in drawers and other strange places in the house. So, this LO is inspired by the term "self made" - it`s about making your life your own.

There`s lot of symbolism on this LO: Time in a small bag, time as watch parts, aqua vita, the keys to life, an adult man lurking in the background, love and broken hearts, blossoming, free as a bird, network, holding on to....many aspects regarding my little brother`s confirmation and his doorway to adulthood.

Enough about that - what about the colors?

-The brown lace i dyed in coffee - I did it two times; the second time I only did he tips of one part of the lace.
-The fiber paper in the background is dyed with dye meant for cake icing.
-The icecream popstick and "math card" is painted with water based furniture milling.
-The circle back and to the right I may say is a part of myself - it`s dyed with the very same color I hide my grey hair with *lol*
-The hearts have their color from a mix of coal from our fireplace, water and gum arabic - fixated to not smear the whole thing.
-The little retro flowers are dyed with a mix of tea bags and red peppers.
-The little plastic bag containing the watch face has its color from rusty, old nails.

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neeta said...

Denne var kjempeflott! Masse kreative fargemetoder her:)

Ha en fin kveld!

Trine Blix said...

Kjære "anonyme lillebror": Ikke noe noe å si "Huffda!!!" for - det er et fint bilde av deg;)