Saturday, October 18, 2008


Guess who's the chief of agenda in this house?
That's Jarle all right....Oh, it can certainly be wearing with these little ones who eats away all your energy by nagging, eating, sleeping, crying, cuddling, playing and SMILING! It's a real turning point the day a baby starts smiling, but to me it's an even greater turning point the day they start to LAUGH! Can you think of anything more heartwarming than babylaughter?

I can take a lot of sleepless nights and tiresome days for just a few moments of bubbly laughter. In those moments this little man is my beautiful, little angel. (But yes: I do picture him with devilish horns sometimes too....*lol*)
Jarle is beginning to become a big boy now - well, if a baby at 4,5 months ever can be considered big.He rolls over on the floor, he grasps and holds his toys, he "imitates a banana" trying to squiggle himself forwards and backwards on the floor. I guess I just have to face it: The definitive baby periode has very little sand left in the top part of the hourglas...

This LO is made for the octobergallery at Papir i hjertet and if you want to know more about the products I've used, you may take a closer look in there;)

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Jossa said...

Nydelig LO :)

Lillian said...

Så herlig en liten pjokk! Og en nydelig LO...
Takk for titten - det var masse nydelig å se her!

Klem, Lillian

Jorunn said...

Wow.... er fullstendig satt ut eg!!!
Såååå masse vakkert som var her i bloggen din da!!! <3<3<3 Nydelige farger og lekre detaljer!!!

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