Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Violence leaves deep marks

This is the most personal LO I've ever scrapped. Actually, I never thought I'd put my behind out on the net *giggle* but in this case I think it's all right;) The designteam at Papir i Hjertet were dared by our wonderful Mona; to scrap a part of our body that we had bad confidence about or just felt bad about. In a way I failed the dare, because I don't have any of those feelings about my now very public bodypart. It'll always remind me of the past, but it can never make the past catch me.

The story behind this LO is that it's showing a part of my life that brought me a lot of pain - both physically and mentally. The journaling tells about my former boyfriend that hit me. "I'll never get a round, nice butt again, but I've actually got a nice life." Why always scrap the sunny part of life? This is just as much a part of as the rest, and it's wonderful to acknowledge that I'm now OK with what happened. Perhaps this could be an inspiration to others who has a story to tell? Remember: You don't have to show it to anyone.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Inspiration - published in "ViScrapper"

The Papir i Hjertet designteam were so lucky to be asked to contribute in the Christmas edition of "ViScrapper." ("We're Scrapping") Ok, trying to be objective about it: It's one amazing edition! This time the magazine was packed with wonderful inspiration for christmas projects - and of course: our designteam has certainly been a part of that. If you haven't got your hands on the magazine yet, you better hurry up! It's been in the store since november 11th. and many stores are already sold out.

The picture above shows one of my contributions - in this altered old album I'll put my favourite christmas recipes. I guess I'll have to call my grandmother and try to convince her to reveal some of her specialities....

I also altered a big bottle of "Glüwein" for the magazine. I actually don't know how to explain this kind of christmas drink in english, but it's some kind of warm, spicy and sweet drink that you put chopped almonds and raisins in. I just love the smell of it during the calm christmas days.... I planned to give this bottle away for christmas, but I don't know.....it's such a wonderful decoration, and I don't think I'll have the time to make another in time for christmas. (What? Is this egosentric thinking???)

Anyway....if you're looking for even more inspiration, or wonder what I've been using making this bottle or the altered album, you just click your way into the Christmas Gallery at Papir i hjertet;)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Personal and full of truth - strong stories

I want to invite you all in to a special gallery at Papir i Hjertet.
The designteam has made LO's offering personal insight, vibrant stories and heartfelt thoughts about our bodies. You may not find this kind of LO's just anywhere, so they are well worth a good look.

I hope you all will be inspired to make a memory out something personal, a story not told to the whole world. Remember: You may scrap it just for you. Nobody has to see it. But they may - and by that you may have released something beautiful?

These LO's speak for themselves.

Visit our very special gallery and have a wonderful journey with your thougths.

If any of you international viewers wonder what the title or text is on any of these LO's - please just ask. I'll be more than happy to translate and tell you about it.