Monday, December 1, 2008

Personal and full of truth - strong stories

I want to invite you all in to a special gallery at Papir i Hjertet.
The designteam has made LO's offering personal insight, vibrant stories and heartfelt thoughts about our bodies. You may not find this kind of LO's just anywhere, so they are well worth a good look.

I hope you all will be inspired to make a memory out something personal, a story not told to the whole world. Remember: You may scrap it just for you. Nobody has to see it. But they may - and by that you may have released something beautiful?

These LO's speak for themselves.

Visit our very special gallery and have a wonderful journey with your thougths.

If any of you international viewers wonder what the title or text is on any of these LO's - please just ask. I'll be more than happy to translate and tell you about it.

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