Sunday, February 15, 2009

Don't you love a wonderful blog candy?

Filharmonica has a wonderful blog candy in her blog! Pay her a visit to see how it works - and while you're at it: Spend some time in there and take a look at her artwork, it's more than worth it. Can you ever get enough inspiration?

Monday, February 9, 2009

Memories - after all: Life is pretty short

I wonder how life will be when I get old? How much will my scrapbooks mean to me? Will I remember the milestones in my kids' life? Will I be able to document our life so good that I won't feel anything is missing in the story?

This LO is in a way a looking glass into the future - I picture myself holding this photo of my youngest son and his father. I just love this photo, it shows how fragile a little baby can be, how protective his father is. It really gives me a warm, heartfelt feeling...

On this LO I've put my own touch to white Prima flowers; perhaps you've noticed that they're not white? Well, I've painted them with H2O shimmering paint, and that really gave them some *oompf* compared to the plain white look. I gave them some shine with a mix of red, orange and yellow H2o which blended very well together in the process - the paint just runs through the fibers in the flowers, never ending up as planned. I like to play a bit with experimentals, and this will for sure not be the last time I "make my own Primas."

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fixing the look of my blog - among other things...

Ok, I think my blog has had the look of a deep black dungeon, så I thought it was time for some change.... I don't know if it's the upcoming valetines day or any hidden romantic venture that has affected me, but somehow I ended up with a candy-cute heart look. So not typical me.

That's not all I've been up to lately. I hardly have time (or energy) to scrap much these days, but something has seen the day of light anyway. I attended the "Mesterscrappen" on scrapping.no with hope to get a kick in my scrapbooking ass, but I guess it'll just be a stressful "Oh, why did I join this??!!"-kind of thing, but at least it made me scrap something!

This LO is of my youngest son, born in june 2008. These are the very first pictures that was taken of him - while I was resting after the c-section. The pictures are taken by his dad, just 9 minutes after he came into this world. It was truly a happy time when he finally came out after a lot of stress and a bit of agony. He almost died during labour due to the fact that he had the cord wrapped 5 (!) times around his neck.

Perhaps it's not that clear on this photo, but I've written all his vital measures on the photos. He was so thin, very affected by the lack of nourishment due to the thightly wrapped cord. This is a LO loaded with emotions, and I guess it is to his father, too. He sat there alone just seconds after these photos, not quite understanding how lucky we were and just starting to take in the emotional rollercoaster we'd just been through. I'm very thankful for the outcome.