Tuesday, August 11, 2009

INCREDIBLE RAK in Ingvild Bolmes blog!

If you are looking for some breathtaking inspiration, you better make a visit in Ingvild Bolmes incredible blog! She's celebrating the 200.000 hit count, and for that occations she shares some of her creativity - she's added some of her work to the most wonderful RAK! She's also picking someone among her followers to get a surprise, so you've got more than one chance;) What do you have to do? Just visit her and leave a comment.... Good luck!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Wedding envelope card

Yesterday someone contacted me wanting a wedding card. I've actually never made more than one wedding card before, and that was pretty simple and plain. These people wanted something a bit more stylish, so I had step up a bit. Unfortunately I didn't have the time (or daylight) to take proper pictures of it, so these photos does not really show allt the details - especially the use of White Bazzil Vintage Vine cardstock. And, with Photoshop installed on a crashed computrer...well, editing possibilities are quite limited at the time. I've seen similar envelope cards on the net, so I've got some inspiration from them.

I made the envelope from scratch, sewing it together with lace around the edges. That was a learning experience - I promise! I've been scared of the sewing machine for years! Whenever I've needed sewing I've tricked someone else into putting the tread where it's supposed to be, and sometimes even had them doing the sewing for me *giggle* This time just about everything went wrong, I had to learn it all alone (without instruction booklet) but I did it in the end! So, from now on I think I'll do a bit more sewing.
Inside I made a single card decorated with Martha Steward lace punch and some hand written text for the bride and groom.

The front of the envelope I chose to keep not too decorated - I wanted the vine cardstock to be decoration enough.
This was very fun to do! I think I'll make some different and smaller versions later, right now I've got some LOs waiting for creation...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A busy summer and no scrapping

Finally we're all in place here in Rognan. The past few months have been breathtakingly busy with the exams, finishing our house in Porsgrunn, packing all our belongings and moving to Rognan. There are still a number of boxes to explore and organize, but mainly we've now pretty organized.

In our new house I've got my own scrap room! I'm SO excited! Finally! I've had no such room in 3 years and my scrapping has certainly been suffering from it. Right now my room looks like a war zone and I wonder how the H*** I'm supposed to get things in system? Well, I'm used to work in chaos, so perhaps I should leave it that way.....*giggle* I'll show you some pictures when it looks presentable;)

This LO is the last one I made at Papir i Hjertet before moving from Porsgrunn; I haven't made any since we got up here. This LO also represents how far behind I am in the stack of photos. This picture is from our national day 2008, so I've got more than a year to catch up. On the bright side: I've no lack of scrapping material. By that I mean both pictures and scrapping supplies. (...admitting to a shopping spree no one should know about....)

Lets hope it's not that long 'till next time I've got something to update my blog with! Take care and enjoy the late part of summer! (I'm lucky to stretch the summer holiday 'till 31st august!)