Friday, August 7, 2009

Wedding envelope card

Yesterday someone contacted me wanting a wedding card. I've actually never made more than one wedding card before, and that was pretty simple and plain. These people wanted something a bit more stylish, so I had step up a bit. Unfortunately I didn't have the time (or daylight) to take proper pictures of it, so these photos does not really show allt the details - especially the use of White Bazzil Vintage Vine cardstock. And, with Photoshop installed on a crashed computrer...well, editing possibilities are quite limited at the time. I've seen similar envelope cards on the net, so I've got some inspiration from them.

I made the envelope from scratch, sewing it together with lace around the edges. That was a learning experience - I promise! I've been scared of the sewing machine for years! Whenever I've needed sewing I've tricked someone else into putting the tread where it's supposed to be, and sometimes even had them doing the sewing for me *giggle* This time just about everything went wrong, I had to learn it all alone (without instruction booklet) but I did it in the end! So, from now on I think I'll do a bit more sewing.
Inside I made a single card decorated with Martha Steward lace punch and some hand written text for the bride and groom.

The front of the envelope I chose to keep not too decorated - I wanted the vine cardstock to be decoration enough.
This was very fun to do! I think I'll make some different and smaller versions later, right now I've got some LOs waiting for creation...

11 Creative Comments:

Anette said...

Nydelig bryllupskort!! Lekkert pyntet ;)

Hanna said...

WOW för ett underbart bröllopskort!
Sååå vackert dekorerat med många fina detaljer!
Har aldrig varit här på din blogg tidigare, och jag fastnade här en låååång stund! Du är otroligt duktig! Jag kommer tillbaka! ;o)
Ha en riktigt trevlig helg!
Kramar från Hanna

Kristin said...

Dette ble skikkelig lekkert Trine! Nydelig!

madebyjulia said...

Utrolig flott bryllupskort:)

Sivic said...

Nydelig konvoluttkort!!
Likte godt 17.mai Lo'en din også !!
Ha ei fin helg "hønemor" !!

Sivic said...

Hei igjen : )

Litt moro dette her, for du var visst innom hos meg, samtidig som jeg var på besøk hos deg : )

Så du liker fugler du også : )
Dette stempelet er fra Stampin up og settet heter Always.

Ha ei fortsatt fin helg!!

Solveig said...

Så flott konvoluttkort!!
Ha ei fin helg!

Sue Abbott said...

This is truly beautiful.........

Anonymous said...

hei igjen!!;D
ååå, så nyydelig!!! Skikkelig lekkert;D
Jeg legger meg til som følger her jeg, du lager utrolig masse fint;D Legger deg også til i blogglista mi, håper det er greit..??
Klem Ida:o)

Anonymous said...

Nydelig byllupskort! ♥

devil jiang said...

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