Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Changing language

OK - to those of you who know and use english a lot: Please don`t laugh at my critically rusty english....

I have decided to change my blog from being in pure norwegian to a much more versatile language. I may not translate all my older posts - my goodness, I certainly have many other creative things I want to spend my time doing! However, if anybody has anything they would like to know about the older posts that are not translated: Please just ask;)

I hope my blog will seem more user friendly after this change of language. I also hope that it will improve my english over time. If there are any strickt english teachers out there who wants to pull their hair of due to bad language and terrible grammar: You may send me some helpful hints and use the big, red pen on my reportcard;)

2 Creative Comments:

maddy hill said...

Trine - your english and grammer is better than mine and im english (giggle !)
love all your makes Trine !
Thank you for taking the time to add English , very sweet of you x


Rachel said...

Your english is great Trine - I'm really impressed :-) Your work is lovely.