Thursday, April 16, 2009

The best big brother in the world

I love this portrait of my oldest son! He has such a warm, caring expression on his face - and that very much describes him in the role of being a big brother. He's very caring when it comes to his four year younger brother - he's more than willing to play with him and keep an eye on him. He's overall a very caring person, being a little brother himself and as a son, too.

I wanted to scrap this picture with a rough, but warm look. Even though he's a caring, little boy he's also very much a boy, so something sugar sweet would be totally wrong. A mix of box carton, tulle, screws, swirls, metal, hearts and a distressed paper gave a great blend og soft and rough - both in the look and in the symbolic contence of the LO. When finishing the LO I realized that I had fell into my old habit of scrapping in brown - a habit that I fought for some time to get rid of - but who cares after all....I like brown;)

I also gave myself a challenge with this LO: I hate felt - therefore I had to use it! I don't know why I hate felt - some people love it - I just do. Don't like the look or feel of it. The title is made of some MM felt alphabet that I just had to alter a bit with inks and paint - and it ended up looking not quite so "feltish."

6 Creative Comments:

tangent said...

Så nydelig den var, lekre detaljer! Nydelige farger

Jane Wetzel said...

this is just simply OUTSTANDING! I LOVE THE COLOR!!!!

Anne said...

Nydelig LO med masse flotte detaljer :-)

Hilde said...

Tusen takk for hilsen i min blogg.

Du er en unik kunster Trine!! Elsker det du lager!!

Calv said...

A beautiful LO Trine as always. I love the darker colours, but not everyone can carry them off as well as you have. Fantastic job. :)

Have you had a blog revamp? Looks lovely, i especially like the blue.

Tonje said...

Virkelig vakkert, men mange nydelige detaljer.