Sunday, April 26, 2009

Oh, no... The Delete Devil has struck!


Sorry the bad language, but sometimes it's needed! A few days ago I tried to fix the labels on my blog posts, and guess what happened? The delete devil struck and now all my altered project are gone. *sigh* I didn't even know what I had done until I got a mail from a friend (thank you) who wondered where my altered brick was - she couldn't find it anywhere. Well, here it is:

At the moment I've no idea what's actually gone from my blog, but if anyone is looking for something special just let me know and I'll put it in a new post.

4 Creative Comments:

maddy hill said...

I remember your altered brick Trine - its truely one of a kind and a masterpiece !

sorry to hear you lost some of your projects , so sickening when taht happens.

Hope you find them again hun .
love maddy xxx

ullpurka said...

Denne steinen er vel noe av det est kreative jeg noensinne har sett før. Lekker Trine. Jeg digger den rått.
Nydelig med rundt bilde på her. Myket skikkelig opp.

Anne said...

Så kreativt og utrolig flott pyntet!

Jeg så på Facebook at du har lyst til å besøke nye blogger. Bare hyggelig om du stikker innom hos meg :-)

Hilsen Anne


Anonymous said...

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