Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Busy days - barely any scrapping

Oh, my God....... I can tell you all: I really look forward 'till the day I'm no longer a student! These days I've got no time left what so ever to dive in to my scrapping passion. My dedicated corner is for the time being just a giant mess grinning at me with possibilities.....I'm quite sure I hear something giggle in there! Psychotic clearstamps perhaps? I guess doing nothing for a long time can mess with sanity in an ugly way. Well, perhaps that will help me create something crazy the day I actually can allow myself to get creative again. I feel insanity come crawling.....I'm not made for not expressing myself over a long period of time. *h.e.l.p* F*** education?

OK, enough whining. I actually have been scrapping a little bit. I joined the "Mesterscrappen" on Scrapping.no and made the finals, but I had to let the finals go without me because I just didn't have the time to do the 3 final contributions. A bit sad, since the competition made ignore my books and chores. But as the famous say: Always look on the bright side of life - I did scrap!
....perhaps this LO is a result of the insanity growing in my lonely, bored stash? I really liked doing this one - I like to play a bit and find strange twists to things that can tell an underlying story. It's quite a contrast to the baby-LO's I've also been scrapping (and that I'll post a bit later). While scrapping this one I started to wonder: What is my scrapping style? Really? What is my signature? I've no idea - schizofrenic?

3 Creative Comments:

Madam said...

Så utrolig flotte LO´er du lager.
Blir helt stum av beundring her jeg sitter.
God Påske til deg og dine.
Klem :-)

solsiv said...

Åååå elsker de kreative Lo'ene dine. Masse masse detaljer jeg kan sitte å se på i evigheter. Skulle ønsker jeg fikk til dette

Anette said...

Det er lys i tunnellen, jeg lover! Hvis det er noen trøst, så er
2.klasse ganske hektisk. Jeg hadde et rolig år i 3. Det var det mer hektisk i peroider, så hold ut!

Lekre LO`er du har laget.

God påske!