Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The ink > redible Rotty Rat Fanclub

Ok - I can't help my self.... I LOVE ROTTY RAT! There - it's said.
If you for some reason never have heard about Rotty Rat : You've been missing out on something. I won't even try to explain - Calvs blog tells the whole story.

I'm often visiting Calvs blog to check out what Rotty (and Calvin) have been up to lately, and today it struck me: Rotty has no Fanclub!!! Well - now he does. And I present myself as the first member and no. 1 fan!

Well - to be honest: I haven't asked Calv about this, but I'm pretty sure that Rotty will blow up his ego and sabotage any attempt to close down his fanclub. Don't you think?

3 Creative Comments:

Calv said...

Lol that is so funny Trine! :)))

Rotyy will be impressed.....i know he's a rough and tough rat from the sewers, but between you and me, i think he is a little jealous of Calvin Mouse and his super stardom.

I have to say that i am well impressed with the fan club picture, i'll see what Rotty thinks of it. :)

Talking of which, he did start a blog somewhere, but i think he is waiting to get a house before he settles into writing blogs. i'd better get a shifty on with his humble abode i guess.

I'm having a break up at Maddy's at the moment, we both burst into fits of laughter when we saw your post Trine. Thanks. :)

Rotty Rat said...

Wow Trine!!! What can i say! I know exactly what i can say....firstly thanks Trine for the support, us rats aren't that popular in this day and age.


I was telling that cake making little ball of fluff only the other day that i had the makings of rat royalty, but Calvin Mouse was having none of it!

I think you've definately caught my good side in that picture Trine, i appreciate that. :)

You wait till i show Calvin Mouse this, he is going to be sooooooo jealous!!!

Anonymous said...

I love rotty too!